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The Best Way to Keep Your Granite Clean

granite care

Keep your granite sparkling!

While granite is a sturdy material with a lot of style and class, it still requires regular cleaning maintenance in order to look its best.  The key way to protect granite from dirt is to clean it on a regular basis and let its natural beauty shine through.  The best way to clean it is with the tried-and-tested method of soap, sponge, and elbow grease.  It takes a little work to clean such a surface, but a proper cleansing treatment will make a granite counter, table, or other such surface looking good for a long time to come.

The Important Materials

Naturally, you will need basic cleaning supplies for this job.  A cloth or soft sponge, preferably one that you don’t use for dishes, will be the best tools for wiping the surface down.  A bucket or bowl with warm water and a soap or dish liquid will make the process easier than running to the sink for a new load whenever your sponge or rag runs dry.  Finally, a microfiber cloth and a cleaner specifically made for stone or granite will make the final touch perfect.  It is important to note that you will need a neutral soap for this cleaning job and not a heavy-duty cleaner.  Granite is relatively easy to clean, but is it susceptible to harsh chemicals that will wear away at its finish.  Repeated cleanings with harsher cleaners can strip the finishing away and expose the granite proper, which will begin to wear away.  At that point, the granite will need to be replaced.  Choosing the right soap the first time and using the same brand will prevent this.

The Clean Slate

Put a little bit of soap or dishwasher liquid into the warm water and mix it into a lathery state.  You only need a few drops in order to do this.  Dunk the sponge or cloth in and use it to wipe the stone surface.  Repeat this as often as you need to as the cleaning implement runs dry.  Rinse the sponge or cloth thoroughly in clean, warm water and wipe again to remove the soap left on the granite.  Continue to rinse and wipe as needed.  Use the microfiber cloth to dry the surface once the soap is removed.  Use the stone cleaner to restore the sheen of the granite top, reapplying as necessary between rigorous cleanings to keep it looking clean and strong.

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