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Care Tips for Granite Countertops

Read on to learn how to best take care of granite countertops.

From its quality to its beauty, there are many reasons why people choose to add granite to their kitchens. But for everyone else, one of the biggest deterrents about granite is the perception that it is a hassle to maintain. The truth is that you only need to know a couple of key tips to keep granite countertops in good condition. Read on to learn how to best take care of granite countertops.

Protective Sealer

A granite sealer is used to create a protective layer to prevent scratches and stains. You should have this sealer applied right when your granite countertops are first installed. That is also a good time to talk to a professional about which type of granite sealer is the best. Depending on the type of granite you have, certain sealers will work and look better on it than others.

Avoiding Stains

Even if you have a good quality sealer on your granite countertop, you will still need to be careful to prevent stains and scratches. There are a few good practices to keep in mind that will minimize the risk of your granite countertop getting damaged. Make sure that you always use a cutting board, because you should never put any sharp or abrasive surfaces directly against your granite. You should even be cautious about something like steel wool or a butter knife. Also, use coasters for any drinks and be mindful of what you leave on the countertop. Sticky containers like honey bottles, jam jars, and even oil bottles can leave nasty rings on your granite countertop. And when you take anything from your hot oven or stove, have a trivet or at least a potholder handy to set it on.

Cleaning Method

The best way to care for your granite countertops is to know how to clean them properly. First, you should make sure to clean any spills right away. Accidents happen, especially in the kitchen, but immediate clean up means that a spill won’t sit on your granite for too long and potentially stain it. Actually, cleaning the granite is simple. Just use a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth, gentle liquid soap, and warm water. As long as you don’t use any harsh chemicals or scrubbing materials, cleaning your granite is easy and harmless.

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