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The Three Main Demolition Methods


Often when people think of demolition, they picture a big wrecking ball or a bulldozer. But even though demolition looks like it’s all about destruction and chaos, there is actually a very orderly system at play. Part of this system is the different methods of demolition, and each one has specific advantages depending on the situation. Here are the three main methods of demolition.

Wrecking Ball

First is the most common, and oldest, demolition method, the wrecking ball. It is a large steel ball, weighing up to thirteen thousand pounds, suspended from a crane. A wrecking ball is used by either swinging or dropping it against the structure to be demolished. Usually, wrecking balls are best for demolishing concrete and masonry structures. But you will need an experienced crane operator to use it.


The high reach arm is a machine with an arm attached that can hold interchangeable demolition tools. This gives you several options depending on your needs such as a hammer, shears, or crusher attachment. The purpose of a demolition arm is to demolish a structure from the top down by removing it in large pieces. Then a demolition crew can further break down the large segments into smaller pieces. A high reach arm is best for tall buildings.


The name for this demolition method is a bit contradictory. The reason why is that implosion is performed through the use of explosives. The explosives are placed at strategic points along a building’s vertical support structures so that, when the explosives are detonated, it will cause the building to collapse inward. This method is best for urban areas where there is not a lot of space to work. But implosion is a difficult and time consuming process that involves a lot of careful analysis of the building’s blueprints ahead of time.

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