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Why Masons Are More Than Just Bricklayers


Masons can employ advanced bricklaying techniques.

Mason and bricklayer are two commonly confused titles. While these two professions do overlap in some of their duties and requirements, the hard truth is that not all bricklayers are masons. Most of it comes down to skill level. Typically, masons employ much more advanced bricklaying techniques that differentiate them from the average bricklayer.

Bricklaying Job Duties

The construction industry employs bricklayers to build walls, chimneys, decorative home features and other structures. Their work generally involves spreading mortar onto the sides of bricks, and then cementing each of the stones together into an even row. Bricklayers ensure level bricklaying by checking their work against a guide line, which is essentially a piece of string or twine pulled across the work area.

Mason Job Duties

Although masons often perform the same job duties of a bricklayers, their skill and experience enables them to perform more advanced brickwork. For example, sophisticated stone signage, wall restorations, or fireplace repair often requires the work of a mason. Pretty much any task that calls for skilled brick cutting will be considered a job for a mason. Masons also don’t just limit themselves to brick, but can work with a variety of materials like marble, granite, limestone and tile. Some masons do specialize in a particular material. Stonemasons, for example, obviously specialize in stone.

On Site Duties

Construction sites often feature professionals other than bricklayers and masons. Hod carriers, plasterers, and scaffolders are also often on the job site. Hod carriers perform the prep work involved in laying brick, such as mixing mortar and transporting materials. Plasterers cover the interiors of walls and buildings, and will often come in after a bricklayer has completed a wall to finish it with plaster. Scaffolders, of course, build scaffolding, which is necessary for higher levels of wall structures.

Brickwork Masonry and Repair from Del Prete Masonry

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