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All About Brick and Brickwork Contractors


Brick is a special material. After all, it can stand up to even the fiercest huffing and puffing!

A brickwork contractor is a mason that specializes in using brick to build structures. Brickwork contractors are highly skilled trades people that can create some of the most beautiful buildings you’ll lay eyes on. Brick is a timeless material, and the quality of brickwork is reflected in historic structures that have lasted over fifteen hundred years. Whether you’re making an addition to an existing structure or building something new entirely, employing a skilled brickwork contractor is a sound investment. Here’s what you need to know about brick and how they’re used to build things.

The Benefits of Brick

Brick comes with a few special advantages. First, Brick can improve the insulation capabilities of a structure. By itself Brick is not sufficient, but paired with proper wall insulation your r-value (the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow) increases exponentially. Brick is also a low maintenance material, meaning you won’t need to paint it and only a yearly hosing/light scrubbing is necessary to keep it looking sound. Finally, brick creates a timeless look. Brick facades have elegance and authority that transcends normal architectural and building trends. When properly maintained, brick will never go out of style.

When Building with Brick

It’s important to consider your local climate when deciding to build with brick. Weather extremes can have a disastrous effect on the material, and certain sealants or surface treatments may be required to keep it in good shape. Bricks are heavy, too, which means you’ll need a strong foundation that’s capable of supporting the weight.


Brickwork involves placing of bricks in rows of designated patterns, all held together by mortar. How bricks overlap with one another is called a bond, and there are number of different types of bonds — english, flemish, stretcher, and more. A good brickwork contractor will have a portfolio of pictures with the different types of brickwork to help you select which one is perfect for your job. Hiring a brickwork contractor, like other craftspeople, requires some legwork to find quality results.

Brickwork Masonry and Repair from Del Prete Masonry

For all of your questions regarding masonry repair and restoration, feel free to contact Del Prete Masonry. Our masonry restoration professionals have the experience and history of satisfied clients to prove that we’ll get the job done right, and cost-effectively. To get started with your masonry restoration project, please contact our office today at 410-683-0650 or email us at mike@delpretemasonry.com. We serve Baltimore City, County, Harford County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County.

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