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Selecting the Right Type of Masonry Mortar Cement

Every masonry project is going to call for a different type of mortar cement.

Every masonry project is going to call for a different type of mortar cement.

Choosing the right products is an essential part of any masonry project, and mortar cement is no exception. Mortar cement is what acts as the bonding agent for bricks and other building materials. It’s essentially what’s holding your project together, so you’ll want to choose mortar that will stand the test of time. Here are a few types of mortar cements you’ll want to consider.

Type M Mortar – Provides the highest strength mortar and is used when significant compressive strength is needed. It’s typically used with stone, since it mimics the strength of stone and will not fail before the stone itself. Lesser-strength mortars may fail prematurely.

Type N Mortar – The most common type of mortar and a great all-around selection, Type N mortar provides medium strength for reinforced interiors and above-grade exterior load-bearing walls. Because it will flex more than a high-strength mortar, it will prevent cracking when used with semi-soft stone and masonry..

Type S Mortar – One of the highly common ingredients in mortar, it’s an effective bonding agent when mixed with sand and water. Type S mortar is a medium strength mortar, but is stronger than Type N and can be used for below-grade exterior walls and other exterior projects.

Type O Mortar – A low strength mortar, type O mortars are used in non-load bearing interior applications because it is easy to work and an economical choice for mortar where wall is already structurally sound. It is also sometimes used with low compressive strength masonry units to prevent cracks.

Type K Mortar – Although Type K mortar is no longer included in the standard specification for mortar masonry, it is still occasionally used in historic preservation projects. It features the lowest compressive strength of any mortar, meaning it will not cause damage to fragile stones or masonry.

Masonry Repair and Restoration from Del Prete Masonry

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