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The Process of Replacing Your Brick Joints

Now and then, even though you deal with the brick around your home or business, fixes should be made. One of the most well-known fixes is repointing brick joints where mortar breaks down or around free or split bricks. Releasing harmed or dissolved mortar unrepaired can cause an entire host of issues, generally from water damage. Repointing your bricks can extend the life of your home siding, yard, steps, and more. Here is how the process works.

Preparing Joints

Cut out the broken mortar joints to around one inch deep. At that point, guarantee the surface is perfect by utilizing a jointer apparatus to dispose of additional coarseness and brush out the free mortar and sand. You can likewise splash the extra particles away with a hose.

Replacing Damaged Bricks

Preceding repointing, you should remove and replace any bricks that have disintegrated or are in any case not so great with awful breaks, pieces missing, and so forth. Make a point to remove the old bricks totally and clear out the area. Hose the hole and apply mortar to the base and sides of it to put the new brick.


After replacing the old bricks and the brick joints, hose them with a brush and water. Fill up a trowel with mortar and utilize the jointer instrument to pack that mortar into the cleaned brick joints. Normally, brick joints are filled until they are simply up to a similar level as the brick and are then formed with the jointer. To avoid breaking or drooping between joints, hold it up until the mortar is simply setting, yet malleable, and afterward repoint the rest of the joint. Your mortar could set too rapidly on the off chance that it’s breezy or hot outside. Ensure you have a splash bottle or a hose to mist your brick installation to enable the brick to set appropriately.

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