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The Functions of Different Bricks

Here are some of the ways these bricks work.

Did you know that there are different types of bricks? Bricks come in different shapes, sizes, and sometimes different materials. And, for masonry construction, these different types of brick can serve specific purposes inside of a structure. Here are some of the ways these bricks work.

Common Bricks

First are the common bricks, where are more useful for mechanical purposes, while some other kinds of brick focus on aesthetic appeal. You will most often find common bricks used underground or as the base of a structure. Since common bricks aren’t meant to be seen, they will also be used for structures where that part of the brick will be covered up by other materials.

Paving Bricks

As you might have guessed, paving bricks are popularly used for walkways and roads. They are durable and come in a variety of styles to fit any property. When using paving bricks, it’s popular to arrange them in a pattern to make them look even nicer. You could choose from a simple grid pattern, a basket weave, herringbone or chevron styles, and much more.

Fire Bricks

This particular type of brick is especially heat resistant, which makes it perfect for constructing fireplaces, fire pits, and anything else that involves high heat. Although all bricks are pretty durable, fire bricks are specially treated for heat resistance. Without fire bricks, structures like kilns, chimneys, and furnaces wouldn’t be as safe and solid as they are now.

Refractory Bricks

Similar to fire bricks, refractory bricks are made to be resistant to high temperatures. The low thermal conductivity of refractory bricks means that they will be good insulators, and they will also block heat from spreading too far past them. Since refractory bricks are another version of fire bricks, they are often used in tandem or interchangeably with them to increase energy efficiency.

Face Bricks

Lastly, face bricks are the best for adding curb appeal to a building. Although face bricks are durable, they don’t provide the structural integrity of other types of bricks. Instead, face bricks are used on the facade of a building because they look great and will give any structure a clean and classic appearance. That is why when you are looking into your next masonry construction project, you should talk to a professional about using the right combination of bricks so that you get a result that has all the benefits you need.

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