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The Benefits of Brick Staining

Here are some of the main benefits of brick staining.

Although brick is one of the most dependable and aesthetically pleasing masonry materials, without proper care, the appearance of brick can deteriorate over time. There are a few different solutions to use that address this problem, such as painting brick. However, depending on what you’re looking for, staining could be a better alternative. Here are some of the main benefits of brick staining. 

Different Aesthetic

Many homeowners like the raw brick look of their masonry structures, but need to freshen it up. Staining brick doesn’t look the same as painting brick. The stain is thinner so that you won’t diminish the brick aesthetic as you would with paint. If your brick looks dull or you don’t like the color, you can change it with stain and not sacrifice the brick look by covering it in paint. Your stain choices range in a number of colors, so you can match your original brick or try something new.

Saves Money

Staining brick will also save you money in a couple of different ways. You won’t have to replace your brick unnecessarily, for example, which will save a lot of money. Also, depending on how your contractor prices the stain, it is usually a lot more cost-effective than most brick resurfacing methods.

Easier Application

Another thing that makes brick staining stand out as opposed to other types of brick resurfacing is that it has an easier application process. The stain doesn’t typically have a harsh odor, which means that you won’t have to clear out the entire house if staining indoors. Also, staining can be done in any season as long as it’s a dry day. The only drawback to staining application is that it requires a porous surface. IF the brick was previously sealed with any non-porous sealant, then the stain won’t be able to soak in.

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