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How to Use Brick and Stone Pavers

Friday, May 10th, 2024
delprete masonry brick and stone pavers

Learn what brick and stone pavers can do for your properties.

Are you considering potential masonry projects to enhance the appeal of your property? The choice of materials can significantly impact a property’s appearance, functionality, and longevity. Two of the most robust options available are brick and stone pavers. These installations stand out as timeless choices revered for their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. No matter what project you are designing, using brick and stone pavers can elevate any space. If you’re ready to create stunning and long-lasting brick and stone pavers, call DelPrete Masonry contractors to plan your next project (more…)

The Reasons to Install Stone Paver Walkways

Thursday, January 4th, 2024
delprete masonry stone paver walkways

Install beautiful and durable stone paver walkways with DelPrete Masonry.

Whether you want to design a patio, driveway, or winding walkway through your lush landscape, you may consider adding stone pavers to your property’s outdoor design. If you want to add more style and structure to your property, stone paver walkways installed by the expert masons at DelPrete Masonry are one way to boost your curb appeal and outdoor environment. The design, durability, and strength of paver stone outweigh the alternative options. The following benefits can be enjoyed when you install stone paver walkways with DelPrete Masonry.  (more…)

3 Types of Stone Masonry Projects

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023
delprete masonry stone masonry projects

Explore the benefits of three popular stone masonry projects, including retaining walls.

A mason’s job is to construct buildings, walls, arches, and many other structures using materials like brick or stone. While brick may be a prevalent building material, stone masonry projects are equally worth investing in and can provide classic beauty and incredible durability when installed by masonry professionals. At DelPrete Masonry, we have experience building many stone masonry projects for our commercial clients. Adding retaining walls, pavers, and entryways can create a stunning impression on building guests and last many years. Learn more about these three types of stone masonry projects you can plan with DelPrete Masonry. (more…)

Check Out These Three Styles of Pavers

Monday, April 27th, 2020
There are really only three main styles of pavers on the market.

If you have decided to invest in pavers to upgrade your driveway or patio, then you might have been overwhelmed with options. But there are really only three main styles of pavers on the market. Learn about them here to help decide which will be the best fit for your preferences.