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Check Out These Three Styles of Pavers

There are really only three main styles of pavers on the market.

If you have decided to invest in pavers to upgrade your driveway or patio, then you might have been overwhelmed with options. But there are really only three main styles of pavers on the market. Learn about them here to help decide which will be the best fit for your preferences. 


To start with the basics, smooth pavers are completely smooth at the top and have straight, sharp corners. This simple, minimalist design is created if you want to give your property a classic look. Because smooth pavers are so simple and straightforward, they are very easy to maintain and the most cost-effective style of pavers to choose from.


On the opposite end of the spectrum from smooth pavers, textured pavers are designed to have a textured surface. The textured effect is created by imprinting onto the paver during the manufacturing process. The texture creates a look that is similar to natural stone, which can be a great choice if you want the natural look without the price. Generally, heavy textures are better for driveways, while a softer texture is good for patios, walkways, or anywhere that people tend to walk.


Lastly, a tumbled paver is made through a unique process. If you have heard of rock tumbling, this is a similar method. The pavers are put into an industrial spinning drum, which tumbles them for a length of time, depending on the desired results. The result is pavers that have a distinctly weathered look. If you want to create a driveway or patio that has an old-world aesthetic, then tumbled pavers are a good choice. And the best part is that pretty much any paver can be tumbled if you want. But if you aren’t sure what style works for you, then you can ask your contractor if you can look at samples.

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