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Which Type of Natural Stone Masonry is Best for Your Next Project?

Natural stone masonry adds a classic, elegant look to any building or structure!

Obviously, with any hardscaping project, there is a large amount of planning that goes into it. You have to choose a location in your landscape for the project, materials to use, and figure out what exactly you are trying to add to your yard. It is always a good idea to consider adding taste of natural stone masonry to your landscape. If you already know that you are opting for a project involving natural stone masonry, then the only questions really left to ask is, which type of natural stone masonry? Well, there are  two main types of natural stone masonry: rubble and ashlar. Hopefully some light can be shed as to which one is right for you.

Rubble masonry

Rubble masonry is one of the oldest kinds of natural stone masonry. This type of natural stone masonry takes advantage of undressed stones whose appearance reminds you of building rubble for design purposes. It is not the most structurally sound form of natural stone masonry, but it is a fantastic way to draw in one’s eyes to the structure.

One type of rubble masonry is random rubble masonry. This form of natural stone masonry uses cheap, undressed, raw materials that can fit properly together when hammered together. There is also square rubble masonry that takes the rough-hewn look of rubble masonry and squares the face stones of the natural stone masonry project.

Ashlar masonry

Ashlar masonry is the more expensive type of natural stone masonry between the two. The price is well paid though as it utilizes dressed stones, lined up parallel to one another to create a refined, structurally sound shape. This is done similar to a traditional brick structure, as the stones are leveled amongst one another, and then laid in either cement or lime mortar.

A popular form of ashlar masonry is the rough tooled style. This manner of ashlar masonry smooths out the sides and beds while making the face rougher to make it more eye-catching with its coarse surface. There is also chambered ashlar masonry which can create an added dimension to your natural stone masonry that other masonry styles cannot quite replicate.

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