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Historic Masonry Restoration: The Benefits and Importance of Hiring Professionals

del prete masonry restoration

Consider the benefits of a professional masonry restoration.

Historic masonry restoration involves preserving the integrity and character of older buildings and structures. Landmark buildings are necessary to keep around because people have a connection to the past and bear witness to a particular town’s aesthetic and cultural values. It’s a rewarding process but comes with many challenges when you don’t hire a professional. Fortunately, DelPrete Masonry’s skilled artisans have the expertise, resources, and tools to execute historic masonry restoration masterfully. Here is a further look at the importance of hiring professionals and the overall benefits of historic preservation 

Historic Masonry Restoration Requires the Right Permits and Materials and Much Research 

An artisan needs to obtain the correct permits before construction happens. In addition, extensive knowledge of different materials makes all the difference. For example, there is a difference between solid brick and brick veneers. Solid brick consists of two layers called wythes that are back to back and joined by cement mortar. Conversely, a brick veneer wall consists of an exterior masonry layer with an air space (a one-inch gap or more) and a second interior masonry layer. 

Not only does it matter that all materials blend in together and complement each other. However, choosing the best material aids in structural integrity. A masonry restoration contractor will understand a building’s historical background, unique structure, research, and plan and pick the appropriate tools to avoid making costly mistakes. A professional will be able to identify the materials and determine the best repair method. Furthermore, an expert can point out signs of deterioration and find an effective solution. 

The Benefits of Restoring a Historic Building 

When effort gets put into revitalizing a building, it adds appeal to any neighborhood. Older, deteriorating buildings aren’t aesthetically pleasing and can bring down the value of a community. For example, people are more likely to visit and dwell in neighborhoods with attractive landmarks with a lot of rich history. Plus, materials such as pine, marble, and older brick are nostalgic and create a sense of warmth. 

In addition, many older buildings have intrinsic value because of the high-quality materials involved in their construction. Some historic structures consist of rare hardwoods and wood from old-growth forests that no longer exist. It’s also important to note that demolishing an older building should take plenty of thought and consideration because of history potentially being erased or what sentimental values might be associated with a particular structure. 

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