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Restoring the Color of Faded Bricks

Restoring the Color of Faded Bricks del prete masonry
One aspect of masonry restoration that can’t be undersold is restoring the color of faded bricks.

One aspect of masonry restoration that can’t be undersold is restoring the color of faded bricks. Because bricks are relatively maintenance-free, it isn’t a process that needs to happen often. However, exposure to the elements like rain, dirt, or sunlight can eventually cause your bricks to lose their bright, original color. Fortunately, through the power of masonry restoration, it’s possible to restore your bricks and make them shine just like they did the day they were made. Let’s take a look at this critical aspect of masonry restoration and see what the process of restoring color in faded bricks actually looks like.

Light Cleaning

Start off with a very gentle power washing, which may be enough to get rid of the dust and dirt that is causing discoloration. More stubborn stains and more robust masonry restoration may call for scrubbing the bricks with a stiff brush in addition to hosting the bricks down. If this isn’t enough, you may need to seek out professional masonry services to dig in and get those bricks looking right.

Applying Sealer

If you do turn to a pro, they may perform sealer applications that can rejuvenate older bricks and make them look bright red once again. They do this with pro-grade pneumatic sprayers, guaranteeing that the application of the sealer is efficient and thorough. The amount of sealant you’ll need is going to depend on the products used. Some call for multiple coats, others only need one, but a professional is going to know how much to apply and when.

Further Issues

Oftentimes, your faded bricks could be a sign of something more serious that is underlying, like efflorescence. This is a salty, white substance that will form on brick and is caused by moisture. In this case, it’s important to address what’s causing that moisture to prevent future efflorescence instead of just cleaning the bricks off or applying brick paint.

Using Tuckpointing

Some masonry services will use tuckpointing, which is a good way to create an excellent, lasting finish. Tuckpointing requires removing faded mortar and applying new mortar, using contrasting colors to help create a clean, beautiful look. If you’re unsatisfied with the vibrancy of your brickwork, tuckpointing is a creative solution.

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