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How Moisture Can Damage Your Masonry

Leaving excess water can lead to a number of problems.

Although masonry structures can hold up against natural weathering for years, even the most durable structures are not immune to water damage. Moisture accumulation is an issue that is as easily overlooked as it can be fixed. But leaving excess water, whether from heavy rains or leaky pipes, can lead to a number of problems.

Health Issues

With most indoor out outdoor building structures, moisture almost always leads to mold. The spread of mold and mildew can cause health issues. The spores are especially dangerous to those with weaker immune systems or existing respiratory issues.

Aesthetic Deterioration

Water damage and mold can also leave behind unsightly marks that will ruin the visual appeal of your masonry. It is especially common for stone to start streaking from the mineral deposits left behind by excess water. Your masonry structures will look older and dirty as a result of moisture accumulation.

Structural Weakening

Lastly and most importantly, too much moisture can threaten the structural integrity of your masonry. Water erosion can slowly wear away layers of mortar, brick, and even stone over time. Especially in areas where you have a masonry structure acting as a support, such as in walls or around a foundation, water damage can present serious safety concerns. If you notice water damage on the interior of your building, such as stains in the drywall, then you should have your masonry checked right away because moisture could have leaked in from the outside.

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