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The Cold Weather Masonry Tips That Could Help

The Cold Weather Masonry Tips That Could Help

Masonry work is a specialized field already, and it requires incredible attention when the temperatures drop like this.

This week has brought a cold upon us for an extended period of time, and we’ve really never experienced anything like it. Meteorologists are calling it the “bomb cyclone,” which is just a cool name in itself. But what that means is that an unprecedented amount of arctic air has been pushed over the Mid-Atlantic. While temperatures won’t always consistently stay in the teens, we are officially in winter, and the air is as cold as can be. With that said, it’s important to understand how the winter weather can impact masonry. Masonry work is a specialized field already, and it requires incredible attention when the temperatures drop like this. The cold air can cause the mortar itself to expand, and that could lead to cracking. There are plenty of different techniques to follow when it comes to masonry work during this time period.

Speed Hydration

Speed hydration is the recommended technique for mortar. The cold weather makes it tougher for hydration to circulate throughout the mortar. Speed hydration also helps because it prevents the water from being absorbed by materials, thus preventing any type of frost.

Dry And Warm

With the cold air being a constant, it’s important to protect your work. Simply putting a tarp over the over your materials will suffice when it comes to keeping the environment warm. The option to heat up is present as well. This leads to the correct amount of hydration, and prohibits any cracking.

Understand The Product

You can’t fight off the cold if you’re unsure of how it impacts the material you’re working with on a daily basis. It’s imperative that you know the difference between admixtures, and which are simply just accelerators. This distinction is important to make, because it can effectively ruin your work. And while keeping mortar warm, there is such a thing as overheating, and that’s not a situation you want to go through.

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