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Demolition Tips You Need to Know

Demolition Tips You Need to Know

Demolition is the first step when it comes to remodeling both residential and commercial spaces.

Demolition is the first step when it comes to remodeling both residential and commercial spaces. After you and your designer have come up with the perfect design for the space, next comes the process or tearing down what’s there to build the space up again. It can be a dangerous process but with the right tools and a functional process, you can get the work done in a timely and safe manner.


Demolition often requires removing or repairing walls. One of the most functional tools for getting the job done is a multitool that features a half-moon blade. This tool oscillates which makes it great for this type of job. It cuts through drywall with little effort and makes a straight line. Additionally, for windows, a recip saw will do the trick for removing old windows from the wall. A long enough blade will allow you to cut right through the nailing flange which will help you save the siding.

Nails and Screws

Use a nipper to pull nails. Salvaging some of the materials that exist on the property is cost effective, especially if they aren’t damaged and ready to be reused. The nipper tool allows you to pull out brads and finish nails, or cut a nail down flush if it breaks. For screws, using a drill can take up a lot of time. Therefore, using a pry bar is a much more efficient technique.


Sometimes, removing old flooring can be an arduous task. Using a hand scraper can turn this job into a very long endeavor. However, the use of a walk-behind scraper can make this process much more efficient as it removes bigger sections of flooring at a much faster rate.

Air Quality

To maintain air quality through the demolition process, there are a couple techniques you can use to keep the air clear. The first technique is to cover the air ducts. Use painters tape to cover the air ducts, which will prevent dust from clogging your furnace filter. In addition, put a fan in a window, facing outside to pull dust from the interior space. Dust that gets trapped inside will travel through the air and leave a thin layer of grime on all surfaces.

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