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3 Different Demolition Methods

3 different demolition methods del prete masonry
Demolition is a precise science, and depending on the location and type of building, there are several methods of demolition.

Building demolition is not a simple as smashing the supports until the entire structure falls down. Demolition is a precise science, and depending on the location and type of building, there are several methods of demolition. Factors like the primary building materials, the purpose of the demolition, and how to dispose of the debris are considered by demolition experts before choosing to tear down a building. Here is a quick overview of the different methods of building demolition.

Wrecking Ball

Traditionally, when you think of building demolition, the classic wrecking ball will come to mind. The wrecking ball is one of the oldest methods, but it still gets the job done. Wrecking ball demolition is highly effective for concrete and masonry structures because these materials will crumble instead of denting like metal when struck by the ball. However, this method is not perfect and comes with its limitations. For example, if the operator does not control the swing of the wrecking ball, the ball may miss the structure and either hit something else or tip the crane over. Also, if the site is too large for the crane to reach everything, or if it is too close to power lines, wrecking ball demolition will not be safe or effective.


Implosion involves the use of explosives to bring down the building. The building’s structure is carefully analyzed to place minimal amounts of explosives on its structural supports. Upon detonation, the destruction of the supports allows the building to fall inward onto its own foundation. The placement of the explosives and the sequence of detonation are critical to a successful and safe implosion. Implosion is often used to demolish large buildings in urban areas. However, there is always some risk of projectiles, and air pollution is higher than with other methods.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is gaining popularity because it allows builders to reuse or recycle the building’s materials. This method involves stripping a building from the inside out and organizing the construction materials by type. This is the most environmentally friendly demolition method available, as the sorted materials can be easily reused. This method is most useful when complete destruction of a building is not needed. It protects the remaining structure and nearby structures and areas from any fallout.

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