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Brief Care Guide for Concrete

Read on for a quick guide to help you take good care of your concrete.

Whether you have a concrete curb, driveway, or monument, you know that concrete is a material that is both versatile and durable. Although concrete is incredibly low maintenance, knowing a few simple tricks to take care of it can help it last a lifetime. Read on for a quick guide to help you take good care of your concrete.


Believe it or not, simply cleaning your concrete at least once a year can do a lot to protect it from damage. Over time, concrete can accumulate stains, dirt, oil, and even wet leaves. But, you can combat this by brushing off your concrete with a push broom or hard brush and hosing it down. If your concrete is really dirty, then you can invest in some concrete cleaners and try power washing it. When in doubt, it’s a good idea to call a professional to ask if there is a right or wrong way to clean your particular concrete.


Just like you can find specific cleaners for concrete, there are also several commercial concrete sealers on the market, which can range from acrylic resin types to epoxy. Having your concrete sealed is a great idea, especially if it’s brand new, and you want to preserve its look. A sealer can protect your concrete from water and debris as well as damage from daily sun exposure. Most concrete sealers can last for a couple of years, so it’s a good investment. 


If there comes a time when your concrete does get chipped or cracked, it’s best to get it repaired right away. Taking care of repairs as soon as possible means that your concrete as a whole will stay in good condition. After all, cracks will naturally spread over time. You don’t want an insignificant hairline crack to transform into a major problem down the line.

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