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Safety Tips for Working with Concrete

safety tips

Be cautious when handling fresh cement.

Concrete is an incredibly beneficial material to work with due to its malleable characteristics when freshly mixed, and durability when hardened. Still, it’s imperative to understand the risks surrounding concrete construction job sites and how you can minimize exposure to health and safety hazards.


Exercise Caution Around Fresh Materials

Wet cement is a caustic material that can result in severe chemical burns when exposed to the skin or eyes. Stay safe by always wearing the proper eye protection, alkali-resistant gloves, and full length shirts and pants when working near wet cement. If you must stand in fresh concrete while it’s being placed, ensure that you are wearing water proof boots.

Furthermore, cement presents the danger of inhalation due to its naturally small particles. Exposure to cement dust can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and upper respiratory system. Exercise safety precaution by wearing a dust mask when opening bags or sacks of cement.


Protect Your Body

Working on a construction site can present a number of hazards that may cause bodily harm. Wear a hard hat to protect your head and avoid working beneath heavy machinery where falling objects may be common.

Materials and machinery required to make and pour concrete can also be very heavy and strenuous on a person’s body. Take care to keep your back straight and your legs bent to avoid strain on your back when lifting heavy objects.


Worker Safety Tips

Make sure you know to use tools and operate machinery safely before doing so. Exercise caution near mixers and ready-mix trucks that have confined spaces.

Any areas of the skin that come into contact with wet concrete should be washed away immediately with cold, running water. Flush your eyes with water if they come into contact with fresh concrete. If burns persist, seek medical assistance right away. Don’t let small problems turn into big ones!


Stay Safe on the Job with Del Prete Masonry

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