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The Benefits of Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks offer numerous benefits across a number of different construction, landscaping and hardscaping applications. It is a budget friendly and earth friendly material that can suit a number of different tastes and designs. To learn more about the many benefits of concrete blocks, read on.

Concrete Blocks Cut Construction Costs

Concrete blocks are a budget friendly and earth friendly material that can be used for any number of designs and landscaping.

Concrete blocks are a budget friendly and earth friendly material that can be used for any number of designs and landscaping.

Concrete blocks are a budget-friendly building material and are far cheaper than a number of other common building materials. In order to produce brick hectors of land, a large amount of wood and coal are utilized. Concrete blocks are significantly cheaper as they require fewer resources to manufacture. This translates into lower costs overall. In fact, each block of concrete saves approximately 25% when compared to brick.

Using Concrete Blocks Leads To A Reduction In Maintenance Costs

In the long run, concrete buildings, structures, and pavements stand the test of time while requiring minimal maintenance compared to other materials, giving them a definite edge. Moisture, which warps wood and causes metal to rust and degrade, has no such effect on concrete blocks. While wood is vulnerable to moisture, sunlight, mold, and insect infestation, concrete blocks are not and will not require costly repair under these conditions. This is why structures built thousands of years ago using concrete still stand today.

Concrete Blocks Are Energy Efficient

It turns out that 80% or more of the greenhouse gasses generated from structures are released due to the energy it takes to constantly heat and cool them. Concrete is different. Insulated concrete wall systems have a high R-value and thermal mass as well as low air infiltration. This means that unlike other structures, which leach heat or cool air out into the world, concrete structures have high thermal efficiency and ensure a stellar energy performance. Homes constructed with insulated concrete do not experience large temperature fluctuations, and can cut their energy bills by up to 25%.

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