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How to Determine When to Replace or Repair Concrete


del prete masonry when to replace or repair concrete

How do you determine when to replace or repair concrete?

Concrete is a common and durable ground covering. However, it starts to wear down and develop cracks over time. Depending on several factors, your concrete might display signs of damage quicker or slower than average. This article will explain how to determine when to replace or repair concrete.

Evolution of Concrete

Years ago, it was prevalent to rip up and replace old concrete when it started to crack. Now, everyone focuses on saving money and using fewer resources to create a significant emphasis on repairing concrete whenever possible. In addition, concrete repair techniques have been enhanced, providing greater strength and durability to fixed concrete. Although repairing concrete can save you money and time, concrete repairs are only as valuable as the original installation of your concrete.

A mason professional can inspect your concrete and provide answers to determine when to replace or repair concrete. Keep reading to learn more about why cracks form in concrete.

Reasons for Crack Formation in Concrete

It’s vital to fix the cracks in your concrete and identify their possible reasons. Otherwise, the exact problem may occur all over again. Potential causes of why cracks develop and how to determine when to replace or repair concrete:

  • Constant weather changes can cause swelling and cracking when temperatures shift from hot to cold overnight.
  • The amount of weight your concrete can withstand.
  • How well the concrete was initially installed. An improperly mixed or overhydrated concrete is more prone to cracks.
  • Possible weak steel reinforcements beneath the concrete.
  • Water puts a lot of pressure on concrete when it penetrates under the surface and produces swelling and expanding cycle.
  • Tree roots growing below the concrete can provoke cracking.
  • Other site conditions

So, When Should You Replace Your Concrete?

In most cases, concrete repair occurs rather than replacement. Still, some cracks are serious to require the need for removal and replacement of concrete. So, the severity of damage will determine when to replace or repair concrete because longer cracks will become severe when left untreated.

Furthermore, it can be expensive to replace. Therefore, you must call a reputable masonry contractor to analyze your concrete to determine when to replace or repair it. Ultimately, while some people attempt and improve alone, the problem will likely happen after repairs are done without proper knowledge and experience.


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