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Protect Your Home with a Chimney Flue Cap

del prete masonry chimney flue cap

Your chimney flue cap has a significant responsibility in your home.

The fireplace is a great invention that maintains you warm during winter and looks beautiful all year. But did you know that without proper maintenance, your chimney could backfire? Fire produces thick smoke that must release freely from the sizeable hole on top of your chimney flue. Installing a chimney flue cap is an affordable way to maintain your home and fireplace safe from costly potential issues.

How Do Chimney Flue Caps Work?

Your chimney flue cap has a significant responsibility in your home. All of the smoke from your fireplace comes out through the chimney flue cap on top of your roof. The chimney flue has a hole at least one square foot wide. Without a cover over this gap, anything can hop on through into your home. A masonry professional can install a chimney cap over the top of your chimney flue to secure the opening while still permitting smoke to pour out.

Why Are Chimney Flue Caps Necessary?

Moreover, there are various reasons you must have a chimney cap.

Keep Out Animals

Critters are naturally attracted to the heat that comes out from your fireplace. They will be tempted to build their nest right next to your chimney. Without a chimney cap on top, it’s easy for these animals to enter inside down your chimney flue.

Maintain Toxic Fumes Out of Your Property

Also, the smoke from your fireplace will not be able to escape if there is a blockage on the top of your chimney flue. This disaster can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. A chimney cap can prevent blockages such as nesting from large animals or a build-up of debris.

Prevent Roof Fires

As your fire crackles and pops, embers can be launched up and out of the chimney flue. Without secure chimney flue caps, the embers can land on your roof and provoke a preventable house fire.

Avoid Water Damage to Your Home

Lastly, significant problems can arise if any form of water penetrates down into your chimney. Moisture can bring damaging effects that can harm your chimney’s internal structure. The only way to keep water out of your masonry chimney is by installing high-quality chimney flue caps.


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