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Common Causes of Masonry Damage

Common Causes of Masonry Damage del prete masonry
Masonry buildings are very long-lasting in residential and commercial construction projects, but damage can still happen

Masonry buildings are still undeniably popular among residential, commercial, and even industrial construction projects. In fact, when it comes to masonry, there are many different perks associated with the material itself. The reality is, masonry materials will add significant durability and strength to any building which play a significant factor in why it has become and continues to stay so popular among construction jobs throughout the industry itself. With all of that in mind, masonry damage can still occur. Ultimately, property owners need to take the time to understand and learn the common causes of masonry damage. So they can take preventative measures to help eliminate or reduce the damage that might occur — either over time or due to weather conditions.

Any Moisture Penetration

One clear threat that comes to masonry construction includes excess moisture penetration. In fact, masonry walls that are always exposed to the elements will typically see this damage a lot more frequently than they may have expected initially. The reality is, water that ends up leaking into a brick or stone wall can lead to freezing and then thawing — which only exerted unnecessary pressure on the structure itself. Ultimately, having moisture control measures in place is actually the best way to alleviate this type of damage that can come with any masonry construction project.

Potential For Cracking

Another common issue that masonry faces is cracking. In fact, cracks are all too common among masonry construction projects — whether large scale or small scale. The reality is, cracks can either occur when a building finally settles or because of moisture penetration — as previously mentioned. As most people know, poor mortar preparation can lead to these cracks a lot more quickly, which is precisely why proper preparation becomes key. Ultimately, even natural disasters like earthquakes can disrupt a masonry structure leading to cracks in the building. At the end of the day, taking proper proactive measures to help decrease the chance of your masonry project leading to a crack will make a world of difference down the line. 

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