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How to Tell If Your Foundation Needs Repair

foundation repair

Uneven mortar could be a sign that your foundation is settling.

The foundation of a building is crucial to its structural integrity, so it’s imperative that you put in the time to maintain it. A number of issues can arise with foundations, ranging from water seeping through cracks to crumbling walls. Damaged foundations can cause settlement, in which a building sinks into the ground over the course of years. Here’s a few things you should watch out for.

Slanted Mortar Joints

Measuring off mortar joints is a tell-tale way to determine if your foundation is at risk of settlement. You might notice that masons are constantly using a leveling tool when they are work. Quality brickwork should involve straight, level lines. A foundation specialist can check against mortar joints using a laser line. If anything is out of place it’s likely your foundation has started to shift.

Visible Cracks

Brickwork that has long, visible cracks is a good sign that you have foundation issues. Vertical cracks that widen at the top indicate that your walls are shifting. Check for cracking inside and outside of the structure, including on drywall, plaster, or even wood paneling.

Suspicious Patches and Repairs

If you notice any suspicious repairs from previous owners, it could be because they were trying to cover up the evidence of settlement. If you’re having trouble opening windows and doors, it may because the building is settling on one side. Windows and doors will get suck when they are no longer square and level.

Uneven Floors

Slanted floors can indicate settling. You can use a tape measure, laser line, or level to check. Make sure to check the floors in multiple locations of your building, and along walls in addition to the middle sections. Although this method isn’t a surefire sign of settling, it can also be an indication of other problems (such as sagging beams or joists).

Brickwork Masonry and Repair from Del Prete Masonry

For all of your questions regarding masonry repair and restoration, feel free to contact Del Prete Masonry. Our masonry restoration professionals have the experience and history of satisfied clients to prove that we’ll get the job done right, and cost-effectively. To get started with your masonry restoration project, please contact our office today at 410-683-0650 or email us at mike@delpretemasonry.com. We serve Baltimore City, County, Harford County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County.


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