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The Top 4 Signs of Brick Masonry Problems

Vertical cracks are one of the more minor brick masonry problems, but if left unfixed, they can lead to bowed bricks and damage to the inner wall.

Brick masonry buildings and structures are made to last for years at a time. However, just like any other materials, your brick masonry will begin to wear and tear over time, especially if the proper care isn’t implemented. You want to fix any masonry problems you have as soon as possible to prevent them from getting any worse. Here are the top four signs of brick masonry problems.

Bowed Brick

Also known as bulging brick, this is when the bricks in your wall are either caving in or jutting out in certain areas. This occurs because of moisture that has accumulated behind the brick. The moisture can warp the bricks, forcing them to push out or soften the wood behind the brick, causing them to cave in.

Vertical Cracks

This is a common type of wall crack that occurs because of natural expansion of your brick masonry. With vertical cracks, you don’t have to worry about your building’s foundation being majorly affected. However, vertical cracks still allow water in, so it could lead to bowed bricks or damage to the inner wall if it’s left unfixed.

Compacted Bricks

A compacted brick is one of the easiest signs to spot because the shape of the brick will be different than normal. Compacted bricks open a hole in the wall, allowing water to get through. They also will damage more bricks over time because it can’t provide sufficient pressure to the bricks next to it to keep them in place.


If brick masonry begins spalling, this means that the face of the brick is chipping. This is caused by corrosion to the shelf angle that sits behind the brick. The shelf angle is a metal piece that is installed behind a row of bricks in order to distribute the weight of the bricks evenly between the ground and the building. If the angle shelf corrodes, it can lose its strength and cause the weight distribution to become uneven, which can potentially be very dangerous.


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