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The Do’s and Don’ts of Exposed Brick

Perhaps one of the most stunning visual trends we see is the use of exposed brick. It helps create an accent wall that stands out and feels totally unique which is why so many homeowners seek out beautiful brick walls. However, this kind of wall can have its own drawbacks as well. Today, we want to shed some light on what you should avoid when it comes to exposed brick and also how you can get the most out of it.

Don’t: Paint Your Brick

While you may want to add some more flavor to your brick wall by painting it, this is something that you may want to avoid altogether. Consider how brick walls act. They’re porous, leading them to absorb considerable amounts of liquid—meaning they can soak up all of your paint and primer. Once you do get a layer of paint down, you may end up with a color you don’t love due to the way paints can react to brick walls. 

Part of the beauty of exposed brick walls is their natural appeal. If you want to insist on painting the brick itself, have a professional step in and help you out. Otherwise, you may end up ruining a perfectly good wall that needed no extra fills. 

Reconsider: Hanging Artwork

Exposed brick walls look great but what’s behind them may not be all that appealing. They can be full of moisture, end up letting drafts through, or can even be filled with centipedes! Wild, right? That’s why keeping your brick walls professionally sealed is so important. However, that makes for an issue if you’re trying to hang artwork up. Not only can you damage your walls, but your artwork can get damaged too.

Be Careful When: Mounting TVs

We’re inclined to say this is something you should never do, but if you work with the right professional, you may be able to pull it off. Mounting a TV to a brick wall is going to lead to tons of hanging cords. These days, we have all kinds of tech hooked up to our televisions, and all those cables can make a brick wall look pretty gaudy. You may also experience reduced sound quality if you don’t have dedicated speakers.

If you’re insistent on putting a TV on your brick wall, make sure you get a pro. The best case scenario are some of the minor issues above, but at worst? You could cause the brick to crack and even have your TV fall to the ground and break. To get a job like this done, a professional needs to use a diamond tipped drill bit and figure out the exact placement to prevent damage. This isn’t something you can DIY.

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