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Stone Monuments in Baltimore by Delprete Masonry

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Stone monuments are a tradition that goes back many thousands of years. Around 2600 B.C. the Egyptians began construction of the immense stone pyramids at Giza to honor their pharaohs. Around the same time, in England, an unknown group that left no trace of themselves built the mysterious and powerful Stonehenge. Scholars are still debating the building techniques they used in an impressive feat of masonry that somehow raised and balanced massive boulders on top of each other.

Today, stone monuments are still an important part of honoring and remembering events and groups of people so that we may always be reminded of them and carry them with us. They are the physical manifestations of things that are often intangible. The collective efforts of a sports team in a championship year. The commemoration of a landmark event. The recognition of service. Stone monuments allow these events and movements to live on, and remind our descendents of important parts of their history. Stone is the ideal medium for this admirable pursuit.

Here in Baltimore, Delprete Masonry has designed and constructed several prominent stone monuments on public display. At M&T Bank Stadium, we built the Baltimore Ravens Wall of Honor, dedicated to PSL Owners. Its brick, precast stone, and granite composition and white on black engravings make for a fitting Wall of Honor. In Towson, outside the courthouse, we constructed the Baltimore County Police Monument, which honors those who gave their lives in the service. The 4 inch thick granite walls and seat beat provide a worthy space for reflection and recognition.

If you’re interested in constructing a stone monument in Baltimore County, please contact us for a consultation today. For all of your Baltimore County masonry needs, you can count on Delprete.

stone monuments Baltimore

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