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Mistakes to Avoid a Cloudy Stone Floor

del prete masonry avoid a cloudy stone floor

Listed below are some mistakes to avoid a cloudy stone floor.

Everything looks good in your home, but you may wonder why you have a cloudy stone floor. Natural stone floors have been growing in commercial properties worldwide. However, they have their set of flaws. The chances are good if you’re reading this; you have found yourself getting frustrated with foggy granite. Listed below are some mistakes to avoid a cloudy stone floor.

Using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

It’s critical to avoid using harsh cleaning products when caring for your natural stone surfaces. Using abrasive or corrosive cleaning chemicals on natural stone surfaces has the possibility to damage your natural stone quickly. In addition, these products will eat away at the surface, leading to discoloration and a cloudy stone floor. Overall, the wrong cleaning supplies will damage your stone.

Food & Drinks Lead to Natural Stone Dullness

Another mistake in avoiding a cloudy stone floor is dropping acidic food and beverages on it. These materials can cause your natural stone’s dullness when interacting with the floor’s surface. This also includes the cloudiness that commonly affects the appearance of natural stone surfaces.

Inadequate Sealer Application

Stone sealer is absorbed into the stone’s porous surface and doesn’t impact the appearance of the finish. A stone sealer can trigger a haze or cloudiness for numerous reasons. It might be due to using the wrong sealer, or sometimes a highly polished top doesn’t have to be sealed. Hence, the sealer doesn’t absorb into the stone. Even though the stone must be closed and a suitable sealer is used, cloudiness can still develop if someone improperly applies the sealer. Therefore, a professional stone restoration contractor must address this situation.

Stone flooring is a beautiful addition to any home for the homeowner. Keeping your stone in excellent condition is simple but requires some TLC. Following these simple maintenance techniques will maintain your stone floor’s beauty for years. Contact us at 443-250-4193 or email if you’re seeking a commercial masonry service that performs quality work with the best materials available.


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