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The Rundown on Marble

marble, masonry

Here’s the rundown on marble.

Marble is a beautiful material to use for outdoor projects of any kind. Marble can evoke a particularly classy feeling for those who see it standing outside of their establishment. There are plenty of reasons to love it, but is it always the best choice for your structure? We’ve got the rundown on marble this week and we’re going to tell you some common issues with its upkeep. Let’s take a look.

Weather isn’t your friend

Marble is exceptionally vulnerable to being worn down by the elements. Rain, wind, and other precipitation can cause all sorts of deterioration on your marble structures. Over time, marble can lose some of its more articulate features and it may warp into a rather unfocused mess. It can also lose its polish over time and appear dull. If you plan on using marble for an outdoor structure, then you need to make sure that it is not being exposed to too much wear and tear from wind and particles in the air. You can place wind-resistant plants that will act as a shield around your marble. However, landscaping equipment or landscapers need to be careful around the masonry as it is easy to crack and chip. Performing regular maintenance on your marble can keep it from deteriorating out of hand, but it cannot stop it completely. It should be said that marble kept indoors will do a lot better than outdoors.

Staining happens

Marble has a very light color and it is very susceptible to stains. When leaves, bird droppings, or dirt gets left on your marble structure for long periods of time it can create a permanent stain. This stain is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to remove completely. The best way to deal with stains is to reduce the possibility of even having them. Try to place your marble underneath a protective structure. You can also simply make sure that your marble is cleaned often.

Do you have more questions about marble?

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