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How to Get Stains Out of Marble

stains out of marble

Marble surfaces provide a unique look – elegant and sophisticated. The only real drawback to marble is its susceptibility to potential stains and grazing.

Marble surfaces provide a unique look – elegant and sophisticated. It is often seen as a status symbol in homes. Though a big investment, marble provides a timeless look to a home and has its advantages, being a long term durable substance that it will withstand the test of time as well as adding potential re-sale value to your home. The only real drawback to marble is its susceptibility to potential stains and grazing. So now that you’ve made the investment, you must uphold your purchase, or let it be made in vain. Marble is commonly used in business furnishings as well.

Cleaning Methods

Marble is a very porous stone, so time is of the essence when it comes to removing stains. Immediately blot all spills, and avoid rubbing as it may cause spreading of the stain. The longer a stain sits, the more likely it is to soak in and will be nearly impossible to remove. If you find that your countertop has become stained, then the use of ammonia in your cleaning products will draw the oils out, removing the stains. Some people tend to use a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide in place of their current cleaning products, but be advised, that while effective, it can lead to discoloration of darker marble surfaces.

Marble Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning this stone, one thing to avoid using is bleach. Calcium carbonate, the primary compound in marble, can be highly reactive to both acidic and alkaline cleaner, which can leave your marble surfaces etched, pitted, or discolored. Other things to avoid include the use of polish or mopping, as there is no absorption, meaning you’re essentially pushing dirty water over the area. PH neutral cleaners and stone soap are a marble surface’s best friend. Always use a fresh cloth while applying and keep water usage to a minimum. Every couple of years, you should have your floors polished, then re-sealed, to keep its natural appearance. Maintaining these surfaces takes patience and attention, but it’s worth it for both homes and businesses keep your surfaces and flooring in the condition in which it belongs!

Go With Natural Stone and Del Prete Masonry

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