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Concrete Masonry is Kind to the Environment

concrete masonry

Concrete masonry is an environmentally-conscious choice.

Sustainable solutions are very important in construction projects, and more and more companies are just realizing the benefits of concrete masonry.

From helping businesses with energy efficiency to using minimal equipment, concrete masonry is a great way to be environmentally conscious during your next project. Let’s take a look at specific examples of how concrete masonry is kind to the environment.

Concrete Masonry Requires Little Maintenance

Concrete masonry requires little maintenance and lasts a long time after the construction project is completed. How does that help the environment? Well, since concrete masonry lasts so long, there is less need to build new materials. The solid foundation of concrete allows it to be used over and over again. Also, concrete masonry materials can be recycled into new masonry materials or aggregates. Entire structures can actually be recycled, which further shows the sustainability of concrete masonry. Concrete masonry is also a durable and long-lasting solution, while also offering the added benefit of being a good construction material for the environment.

Limiting Environmental Impact

Another way concrete masonry helps promote sustainability is through materials being manufactured locally. Instead of shipping or having materials trucked across the globe, concrete masonry reduces transportation requirements by being produced locally. Concrete masonry will also require less specialized equipment, which cuts down on the impact to the environment.

Reducing Energy Use

When most people talk about the benefits of concrete masonry, they often forget to mention that it actually reduces energy usage. Building structures can actually stay warmer or cooler longer with concrete masonry, and shifting peak loads to non-peak hours lowers energy costs. The consistent temperature can help reduce your energy costs, which is a great way to leave less of an environmental impact.

Minimal Requirements for Concrete Masonry

One of the biggest ways that concrete masonry creates a sustainable construction solution is that it has minimal requirements for construction. When delivery or placement is started, there will not be large equipment used. That means there will not be a ton of large equipment guzzling up gas, which will help keep the air quality around your building similar before, during, and after construction begins.

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