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Benefits of Monument Signs for Your Business

benefits of monument signs for your business
A monument sign sits at eye level and is usually constructed from stone, brick, stucco, or foam.

Signage is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business to potential customers. Studies have shown that almost 50% of customers choose companies based on their outdoor signs. Monument signs, for instance, are a great way of capturing the attention of passersby. A monument sign sits at eye level and is usually constructed from stone, brick, stucco, or foam. Monument signs are popular due to their design and sophistication. Let’s look at some of the benefits of monument signs for your business.

Increased Visibility

A monument sign can provide clear identification of your business, organization, or neighborhood to provide direction for people in your area. These signs can even attract business to your location, making it much easier to maintain profitability within your local area. The size and elegance of a monument sign make it hard to miss. They look impressive and make your business stand out as well.

Monument Signs are Versatile

Monument signs have two main components: the masonry component and the signage component. When working with a professional to have a custom monument sign made, you have a variety of options for the style and material for the masonry and the sign. The masonry element can be constructed out of stone, brick, or stucco, depending on the look you want to achieve. Your sign can be made to match the architecture of your building. There are so many variations of masonry and signage combinations that you are sure to find the perfect fit for your particular business.


Unlike plastic or vinyl signage, monument signs are great at enduring all types of harsh weather. Monument signage is typically made of durable materials, such as brick or stone, making it sturdy and weather-proof. If you need signage that can withstand harsh weather conditions, this is the right choice for your business.

Affordable Options

The masonry components of stone or brick monument signs do make them a more expensive option. However, there are other materials used in monument signs that make them more affordable. For instance, monument signs can also be constructed out of foam panels that look similar to materials such as stone or brick. In addition to the cheaper price tag, this option is more lightweight, so if you decide to change or remove your sign, the process is much easier.

Are you considering custom signage for your business? Does the classy, sophisticated look of monument signs appeal to you? We here at Del Prete Masonry have years of experience in masonry construction. Reach out today to get started!

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