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Masonry Demolition Methods

commercial demolitionThere are many times where masonry can be restored, but sometimes the only way to go is demolition. If a building or structure is dangerous, beyond repair, or if something better can be built, it will frequently be slated for demolition. One of the problems that companies face with demolition is that it’s usually done in areas that are residential or commercial in nature – meaning there are lots of people around. The debris and dust from a demolition project can be dangerous if the demolition is not done properly. There are a few different methods of demolition. Each one must be executed appropriately for safety and health concerns.

Commercial Demolition

  • Implosion – Most people find this method to be the most exciting, but it’s also the most dangerous. Implosion involves dynamite and sequential detonation to make sure that each part of the building is demolished at exactly the right time. Usually only very large structures are demolished with implosion so they tend to be in urban areas. Demolition teams have to be very careful to make sure that the whole thing goes off without a hitch.
  • Crane & Ball – This is one of the oldest methods of demolition and is the one that most people recognize. A wrecking ball up to 13,500 pounds are attached to a large crane. The crane then swings the ball into the structure that is being demolished repeatedly. It works well in some structures, but not for all. Once again, demolition teams have to have a specific skill set to operate the crane and ensure that it doesn’t tip during the demolition process.
  • High Reach Arm – This is the type of demolition most frequently used for masonry structures. Demolition of masonry is particularly complicated because of the amount of dust that it produces. High reach demolition requires a base machine of some type, a large demolition arm, and tools attached to the machine.  This process can take a while and varies considerably depending on the type of building we’re demolishing and the site construction.

Masonry Demolition from Del Prete Masonry

DelPrete Masonry performs demolition for commercial structures that have been damaged or must be removed. Our crews are highly experienced and take every precaution necessary to ensure that the structure, and its surrounding areas, is carefully prepped before demolition. Once the demolition is complete, DelPrete Masonry removes all debris and performs a thorough cleanup, so the existing space is ready for the next phase of development. Hire a professional masonry demolition expert, who performs safely and efficiently, to keep your project on schedule – contact us at 443-250-4193 or email.

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