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What are the Most Asked Questions About Brick Masonry?


del prete masonry most asked questions about brick masonry

This blog provides the answers to the most asked questions about brick masonry.

Bricks are durable and beautiful. Thus, they are one of the most popular construction materials in the world. Due to the brick’s popularity, we receive many questions regarding the building materials – like what are bricks made of? Are they as durable as others say? This blog provides the answers to the most asked questions about brick masonry.

How Long Will a Brick Structure or Wall Last?

One of the most asked questions about brick masonry is how long will a brick structure last. The National Institute for Standards and Technology has reported that brick masonry has a 100-year life span. In fact, some of the oldest structures currently standing are made from brick masonry.

Are Bricks a Green Building Material?

Clay and shale, which most bricks are made of, are abundant natural elements. Other natural materials used as building materials are quickly declining, like forests being demolished to make everything from wood homes to paper products. Also, bricks last longer than other building materials, therefore, minimizing the environment’s toll in terms of rebuilding and repairs.

Bricks are excellent at insulating a building; brick buildings are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This signifies you’ll consume less energy and spend less money on your HVAC costs. Overall, that’s great for the environment and your wallet.

What is Brick Made Of? And Are They Fire-Resistant?

Bricks consist of different amounts of various ingredients, which is why bricks vary in shades of the same reddish color. In general, bricks contain clay-bearing soil, lime, and sand. But they can also contain expanded clay aggregate or concrete material. Bricks are made from non-combustible materials heated into blocks at 2000 degrees F. That doesn’t signify a brick building can’t burn down, but you will have more time to get everyone out safely and less possibility for severe damage.

What’s More Expensive, Conventional Wood Frame Construction or Masonry Construction?

This is another one of the most asked questions about brick masonry. Masonry construction tends to be more costly than a basic wood frame structure. Also, builders use more advanced methods to build wood buildings with better insulation and overall performance. As a result, the cost of wood properties has increased compared to masonry.


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