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3 Types of Brick Walls Available for Your Commercial Property

There are a variety of different types of brick that you can use for your commercial building.

If you’re thinking of installing a brick wall on your commercial property, you probably have a particular purpose in mind. There are different types, or categories, of brick walls you can build, all with their own strengths. As with all projects, maintaining and repairing your wall and paying attention to cracks, loose bricks, or other types of brick deterioration is critical to the longevity of your project. However, ensuring that you have the correct type of wall for your needs will lessen the amount of work to maintain. Consider these three categories of brick walls you can build on your property: 

Solid Walls

A solid brick wall is two or more layers thick and is held together with metal ties or header bricks. If you choose header bricks, they are laid perpendicularly to the wall itself. For a truly durable, strong solid wall, consider the layers and overall wall thickness, the brick and mortar durability, and the strength of the mortar bond itself. Ensuring these pieces are all in good working order will give you a strong and long lasting brick wall.

Cavity Walls

A cavity brick wall uses more than brick and mortar to hold itself together, as there are two layers separated by a 2-4 inch space. The outer layer is always brick, but the inner “supporting” layer can be brick, concrete blocks, or poured concrete. If the climate around your building is often wet or damp, building a cavity brick wall behooves you as it prevents water from getting in and the air space itself acts like a water barrier.

Veneer Walls

Veneer brick walls are typically one layer of brick tied to steel or wooden studs, like on the outside of a house. Since a single layer is not a very good insulator, insulation is typically added to the steel or wood studs, but not within the brick wall itself.


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