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What Is Masonry Repair?

Friday, January 13th, 2017
masonry repair

All about masonry.

Masonry is the units of material that makeup a concrete building. It can refer to a number of materials such as marble, stone, concrete, granite, limestone, and more. As even the strongest and most durable of materials does not last forever, it is a given that over time your building will begin to deteriorate and will require masonry repair. Masonry repair includes the upkeep, replacement, and looking after of any of the materials which make a building. (more…)

Stucco Repairs and You

Sunday, May 31st, 2015


Stucco repair

We’ve got the rundown on stucco.

Today we’ll be talking about stucco and when you should call in professionals to repair it. We’ll be starting with a little bit of information of where you can use stucco and what can go wrong with it. Are you ready to learn more about stucco and how to monitor it? Let’s go for it! (more…)