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What’s in a Mason’s Basic Toolkit?

Friday, December 4th, 2015
basic masonry toolkit

There are a handful of tools that you’ll find in every mason’s toolkit.

You may have wondered what tools a mason needs to create a wall or a walkway. Whether you are a masonry enthusiast or just plain curious, we can share with you the tools of our trade. Read on to learn what tools a mason uses to lay level bricks, make mortar, and cut concrete.


You’ll never catch a mason without his trusty trowel. Trowels are used for applying mortar and come in two varieties: London and Philadelphia. The difference between these two types of trowels is just the subtle shape of the blade; each one is just as good as the other for handling mortar. A larger trowel will most likely be used to apply mortar to new bricks and stones. A smaller trowel is great for the delicate work of repairing old mortar joints and scraping off excess mortar. (more…)