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The Benefits of Building a Retaining Wall

retaining wall

Retaining walls combat erosion, discourage people from walking where you don’t want them to, and add an extra element to your landscaping.

Does part of your property slope towards your home? You may want to build a retaining wall. This is a wall that diverts runoff away from the home to prevent flooding. Plus, it can add a lot of flair to your landscaping! You can keep your lawn looking healthy and even landscape around your retaining wall to make it a focal point. There are several ways that you can benefit from adding a retaining wall to your property.

Prevent Flooding

If you have a backyard that floods often, you can keep the damage from reaching your home with a retaining wall. This wall acts as a barrier between your home and the flood water. It redirects the water away from areas that you don’t want to get flooded. You will end up saving money by rerouting flood water that could cause serious damage to your home.

Prevent Erosion

Just as a retaining wall prevents flooding, it also prevents erosion. If your yard is sloped, then running water can carry soil with it, which slowly erodes your yard. Erosion can cause unsightly and dangerous sinkholes, dirt piles, and hills. Adding one or more retaining walls levels out the ground so that water does not flow as quickly. Erosion can also be caused by too many people walking on the grass. You can discourage others from walking on your grass by building a retaining wall.

Reduce Damage

There are many times when beautiful, expensive landscaping is ruined either by people walking on it or by a mower accidentally mowing over delicate flowers. You can prevent this damage by installing a retaining wall! Just as it discourages people from walking on your lawn and eroding the soil, it also discourages people from walking over delicate landscaping, thus reducing expensive damage. This way, you will be saving money in the maintenance costs for your property.

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