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The Dangers of Moisture Accumulation in Your Masonry Structure

Moisture accumulation can cause serious damage to your masonry structure if the problem isn’t fixed!

Masonry structures are durable and resistant to many common types of natural deterioration, making masonry materials a great choice for strong, long-standing structures. However, moisture accumulation can cause a number of problems in the best structure if it is not properly maintained. Water can penetrate your masonry structure many ways, including through drainage issues or water vapor condensation. This can cause serious damage if left unchecked, so it’s important to stay on top of moisture accumulation. Here are a few issues that can result from moisture accumulation in your masonry structure.

Loss of Appeal

One of the most telling signs of damage from moisture accumulation in a masonry structure is the aesthetic deterioration. For example, when moisture accumulates in masonry materials, it can leave behind mineral deposits when the moisture evaporates. For many masonry structures, this can mean a white crystalline deposit seen on the outside of the stone, called efflorescence. Efflorescence is a sure sign that there is a moisture accumulation issue in your structure, and it can seriously degrade the naturally beautiful look of your masonry structure.

Structural Problems

Moisture buildup can cause the same kinds of damage to structural integrity with masonry structures as it does with other materials. When moisture penetrates your materials, it can freeze or leave mineral deposits that can weaken the structure and cause cracking and crumbling. Depending on the type of structure or masonry walls you have, stubborn excessive moisture can also deteriorate your insulation and even stain interior materials. It’s important to stay on top of moisture accumulation in your structure to avoid large-scale costly water damage or even outright wall collapse that can occur if these issues are left untreated.

Health and Safety Issues

Moisture accumulation is associated with a number of health and safety concerns. Similar to other types of material, masonry structures can be subject to mold and mildew growth due to excessive moisture. This can impact hygiene and even cause health issues in a home if left unaddressed. Bacteria that grow in these environments can negatively impact air quality, sending spores or pollutants into the air that can impact respiratory health and cause nasty odors. By preventing moisture accumulation in your masonry structure, you can keep your property sanitary and avoid serious health issues.

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