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Why Use Natural Stone?

natural stone

Natural stone adds a sophisticated, natural element to any structure.

When it comes time to plan or build a new structure, many wonder just what materials to use. There are certainly a number of different mediums to choose from, all with their own unique pros, cons, look, and lifespan. Natural stone, however, is an old favorite that’s always worth another look for these, and many other reasons.  

Natural Stone is Environmentally Friendly

Natural stone is found in nature almost complete, rather than taking manpower and utilizing resources to create and creating waste. Energy is only necessary to quarry and process natural stone, which makes it far more energy efficient to produce than most other building materials. Nothing is lost or wasted, and nothing excess or potentially harmful is created in the process of obtaining natural stone.

Natural Stone Is Health Conscious

As a natural building material, natural stone contains no chemicals, pollutants, or irritants that can have potentially negative effects on your health. It can be used safely in food areas, is incombustible, and is a Class A building material. This medium releases no harmful substances into the air during a fire and does not require any harmful chemical substances to prime, protect, or coat it.

Natural Stone Is Diverse

Regardless of the specific look you wish to achieve or tastes you have, all of your needs can be met with natural stone. As this material comes from nature, it is varied in color, structure, and texture. There are also a number of surface finishing processes, which make potential variety offered by natural stone basically unlimited. The sizes of cut stone can also be adapted to meet any building requirements or project goals.

Natural Stone Ages Beautifully

Unlike other materials, which can be worn down over time and lose their initial luster, natural stone ages well. Natural stone retains its natural patina and becomes more beautiful with age, rather than degrading and requiring replacement early on.

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