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How to Create Stunning Hardscaping, Part 1

hardscaping tips

Aren’t you glad you planned ahead for this beautiful stone walkway?

Adding some professional hardscaping to your commercial property can greatly increase your property’s appeal and value. Research really pays off when it comes to planning a hardscaping design. You want to keep in mind the unmovable elements of your property, as well as other aspects that should factor into your design. Jumping into a hardscaping project with little planning can result in a design that is defunct after only a few years. Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re planning out your hardscaping design.

Work Around Your Landscaping

Even if you are only beginning with one small part of a big hardscaping project, it’s important to keep in mind the entirety of your property’s landscaping. Create your entire design before you begin. This can prevent any issues you may have if you make up your design as you go. For instance, you wouldn’t want to construct a brick wall and then decide later that you’d rather have a walkway where the wall is.

Address Drainage Issues

Another important element to keep in mind during the planning stage is drainage. You must know how water drains from your yard and how placing a wall at certain points will affect your drainage. Placing structural elements in the wrong areas can cause irrigation issues and encourage wet, swampy conditions. You can take the extra step by building a system that catches runoff for later use, rather than allowing it to wash down a drainage pipe.

Prepare the Site

A common hardscaping mistake is not preparing the site properly. Many inexperienced builders jump straight to building a wall without first preparing the foundation. This means that a wall is liable to collapse under the weight of the first snowfall. The best way to figure out how to set up your foundation is to talk to an inspector at your local building authority or to hire a professional company with experience to build your hardscaping for you. A professional will know how big a stone foundation should be, what materials to create it with, and how hard to compact it. This will ensure that your hardscaping stays standing for years and years to come.

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