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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bricks!

Bricks are one of the most common materials used in masonry projects for many reasons. They are reliable, durable, and beautiful, and can be used in a variety of different projects. But how much do you really know about them? How are bricks made? What is their history? Why should you choose bricks over granite, marble, or concrete? In this week’s blog, you’ll find out everything you ever wanted to know about bricks (and possibly more).

All About Bricks

In this week’s blog, you’ll find out everything you ever wanted to know about bricks (and possibly more).

The History of Bricks

The oldest bricks ever discovered were made from shaped mud. They were found in Syria and are estimated to have been constructed in around 7500 BC. That’s about 9,500 years ago! Early civilizations in China and Europe have also been documented as using bricks for construction projects. The Ancient Greeks and Romans were some of the first to begin using fired bricks, which we still use today. They built large brick buildings and stamped them with the seal of the legion.

How Bricks are Made

There are three main types of brick: un-fired, fired, and chemically set. Each type of brick is manufactured in a different way.

–          Un-fired (or mudbrick): Mudbricks are made from wet soil or clay and air-dried until ready for use. This is the oldest type of brick there is.

–          Fired: Fired bricks are burned in a kiln, which makes them harder and more durable than un-fired. Normally, they contain silica, alumina, lime, iron oxide, and magnesia.

–          Chemically set: Chemically set bricks are not fired, but heat and pressure in an autoclave are used to speed up the curing process.

Reasons to Choose Brick

Bricks have a beautiful, rustic quality that other building materials simply do not have. In the past, roads and homes were almost entirely built with brick. These days, even though brick roads have been proven to not be as durable as asphalt, bricks are still being used as a method of traffic calming or as a decorative surface. Brick homes are being replaced with concrete blocks and other materials, but homeowners frequently look to brick accents to add a bit of aesthetic appeal. Bricks have been around for centuries, and they certainly aren’t going anywhere: think about using bricks in your next masonry project!

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